NIXIE Tube Clocks

Here are new handmade retro style NIXIE tube clocks. NIXIE indicator tubes were used before LED and LCD displays became available. They are no longer manufactured but new old stock is still available. The cathodes in the gas filled tube are shaped like numerals. Applying high voltage to one cathode surrounds it with an orange glow discharge.

NIXIE Wrist watch

Here is a NIXIE watch. Great for parties, events etc. A nice collectors item too. Only a very limited number of these watches will be made.

  • A case made of aluminium with a polycarbonate front glass

  • Width (with battery): 63 mm, Depth: 37 mm, Height (from front glass to bottom): 28 mm, Weight (w/o band): 60 g

  • Two IN-17 tubes

  • 3 or 3.6 V Lithum battery, type CR2.

  • A replaceable watch band. The width is 18-19 mm.

  • A magnet sensitive switch for time setting. The time is set by operating the switch with a magnet (a small neodymium magnet included).

  • 24 h format.

  • Can be worn on the left or right wrist.

  • Raising the hand activates the display for few seconds. The hours are shown first, followed by the minutes.

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    NIXIE Clock Kit

  • Width: 185 mm, Depth: 82 mm, Height: 75 mm

  • 12 h or 24 h format

  • Russian IN-8 or IN-8-2 tubes.

  • Automatic brightness control. The clock switches between day or night brigthness setting depending on the ambient lighting. Lifetime of the tubes is greatly extended.

  • Battery back-up in case of power failure

  • One push button for setting time instead of the usual two buttons

  • Input for an optional infrared motion sensor. The tubes are shut off if the sensor has not detected motion for three hours

  • Two multiplexes for more brightness and less flickering

  • Power requirement: 9...12 V DC, 40 mA

  • CAUTION: High voltage is generated on the circuit and it gives a nasty shock if certain parts on the PCB are touched.

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    NIXIE Tube Clock with a glass dome

  • A glass dome case with a wooden base

  • Width: 107 mm, Height: 120 mm

  • 12 h or 24 h format

  • NOS Russian IN-8 tubes

  • Battery back-up in case of power failure

  • One push button for setting time

  • Power requirement: 9...12 V DC, 40 mA

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